Why good skiers should still take lessons

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Should advanced or expert skiers still take lessons?

A question we often get asked is whether advanced or expert skiers should still take lessons… Our answer is a resounding, YES!

Obviously, we would say that as we’re a ski school, that’s how we make our money. However, there is a lot more involved in the question than first appears.

For the vast majority of skiers and snowboarders, the yearly or twice-yearly holiday is primarily about enjoyment. People still think back to ski school, back in the day, when everything seemed to be more like an endurance test rather than an enjoyable experience. As soon as people are relatively mobile in being able to get around the mountain, they ditch ski school and head out on their own. In their minds, being in ski school will detract from the enjoyment aspect of the holiday. The reality however could not be further from the truth! To put it into another context, if you play golf, would you enjoy playing golf more if you were very good at it, or pretty average? Most people definitely enjoy an activity more, the better they are it. Its human nature. Ski schools have changed and evolved a lot in the last 10 years, as has the equipment, the teaching methodologies and philosophies.

Competitive skiers and snowboarders have coaches, and they are some of the best in world. Coaches and instructors will attend ongoing training and performance clinics throughout the season. There is always something to be refined, learned or improved upon in everyone’s performance on the snow. Whether it is a tip or tactic to help tackle a trickier slope or a technique for making for a more efficient performance, a tune up with an instructor will make a positive difference. It can also open up a whole new aspect of snowsports. Have you ever wanted to have a try in the terrain park or avoid bumpy slopes because you don’t like skiing bumps? Having a few personalised sessions with a great instructor can open up a whole new world of great winter fun. Another benefit is one of local knowledge, an instructor will know how to avoid the lift queues, where the best secret stashes of powder are, great lunch spots, the list goes on.

Check put this video of some of our young expert skiers!

So, what are you waiting for? Book some lessons in today and take your skiing further than you ever thought possible and have a great time in the process!

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Expert ski lessons